All the services we offer are made with transports authorized by the Guatemalan tourism institution, the cars are made up of 5 to 15 people, in those from Guatemala to Santa Elena, Flores the services are made with larger vehicles since they are trips that can be last up to 10 hours.

Shuttle from Guatemala

Shuttle from Guatemala city to  Panjachel      06:00   11:00   14:00

Shuttel from Guatemala city to Antigua            06:00 11:00   14:00

Shuttle Guatemala city to San Pedro                06:00    11:00    14:00

Shuttle from Antigua 

Shuttle from Antigua to Panajachel,    05:30         08:00           12:30                16:00

Shuttle from Antigua to Guatemala city airport:   04:00  8:00 11:00 12:30 15:00 7:00

Shuttle from Antigua to monterico   08:00           13:00

Shuttle from Antigua to Lanquin     08:00

Shuttle from Antigua to Chichicastenango market day  07:00

Shuttle service from Panajachel   

Shuttle from Panajachel to Antigua       05:30        09:00         12:00      16:00

Shuttle from Panajachel to Guatemala city 05:30       09:00    12:00      16:00

Shuttle service from Panajachel to flores (Santa elena)   05:30       and 16:00

Shuttle from Panajachel to Quetzaltenango    06:30     and 16:00

Shuttle from Panajachel to San cristobal mexico   06:30

Shuttle from Panajachel to Lanquin or Coban   07:30

Shuttle from Quetzaltenango

Shuttle service from Quetzaltenango to Antigua, Panajachel, San cristobal 08:00

Shuttle service from Chichicastenango 

Shuttle from Chichicastenango  to: Antigua, Panajachel, Quetzaltenango 14:00

only market days  (only Thursdays and Sundays)

We also offer private transportation services so you can go with more comfort anywhere in Gutemala, private services can leave at any time of the day.