The capital of Guatemala has more 3 millons people leaving here, in this city we can offers you seegthings tours in the city knowing and visiting museum, zoo, cathedral of Guatemala city, national theater, if you going to stay a day in Guatemala city we can offers your the city of Antigua guatemala who has many architecture and history.

Guatemala city tour

Visit the historic center of Guatemala City knowing the National Palace, Cathedral of Guatemala city, ark post, trade portal, municipality of Guatemala, national theater, among others,

Also in the tour you can combine with the  museum has more than 1,000 archaeological artifacts and ethnological pieces more 4000. is located in  Guatemala, in this place you may find several pieces of archaeological sites in the country.

zoo park is located in the city of Guatemala has several animal especies among lions, tigers penguins, snakes, giraffes, monkeys, birds, among other, this is ideal for the family

Antigua city sigthing tour

Antigua Guatemala has been the place to learn more history of Guatemala, has churches with over 400 years which you can visit this tour we organize every day you can see this colonial city
Antigua Guatemala City this tour that is visiting several places knowing the colonial churches, craft market, park, town hall, Jade, this tour lasts about three hours, one of our guide will go to you visiting diferent places

Lake Atitlan tour one day

If you going to stay a full day in Guatemala you vist the lake Atitlan and some of the villages around the lake, where you can see how de work with natural dyes, vist a group of woman working with natural cotton, to produce textiles,  vist the catolica church, market of vegetables, painting arts, medicinal plants and ohters importants things