This city located in western Guatemala is one of the favorite national and international people. style buildings preserved more than a century, people know it as la America Europe, this beautiful place on the is ideal for learning the erupoean architecture. Quetzaltenango is located in the highlands of Guatemala largely retains cold weather, the place is also different types of natural and cultural landscapes mostly the people who visit this place make different types of activities. on your visit to Quetzaltenango we offer differents types of tours in which you can enjoy with your friends or with your family.

City tour in Quetzaltenango
Enjoy getting to know more of Quetzaltenango with this city tour learning about different types of European architecture museum, typical local costumes, historical monuments, important bridges among others.

Hot spring fuentes georginas

Since Quetzaltenango you can have a oportunity to enjoy to be at around of the volcano zunil where you can see how it submerges and forms natural pools of hot spring , in this place you will also have the opportunity to swim and enjoy this natural place

Hiking volcano santa Maria 

This volcano is at 3772 meters above the sea level is located near of the city Quetzaltenango to climb this volcano it takes about three hours to reach on top where you will see different landscapes to various places and especially the volcano Santiago is an active volcano that erupts each 30 minutes.

Climbing Volcano tajumulco
It is the highest in central America has a height of 4,220 meters above sea level is a dormant volcano ideal for people who like to hiking. before reaching the top there are differents vegetable plantation also has different forest types. It is located in the department of San Marcos